The boundaries of painting excite me. Using oils and a canvas together with more contemporary techniques, I aim to put my own perspective on something that's been done for centuries: portraiture. I am heavily inspired by the wonderfully bright and vivid colour palettes of Director Wes Anderson. This distinct and striking aesthetic can easily be recognised within my paintings. I am also visually inspired by the work of director, Jacques Demy. Demy uses a variety of candy-coloured pastel tones which I also emulate within my work.


With my first passion being portraits and holding an inquisition into human identity, I was originally inspired by artists such as Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon and David Hockney. Studying these innovative artists enabled me to develop a less traditional painting style within my own work. Most recently, I have also developed an admiration for still-life. I gravitate towards a variety of high-quality and luxury items. Using oil and mixed medium on canvas, I begin by photographing my subject. I then proceed to use Adobe Photoshop to digitally collage and sketch, using my photograph as a base layer and building my composition from there before proceeding to the painting. As the painting progresses, I weave in an essence of my sitter's personality which can be expressed in the form of colours or objects that best represent them.I aim for the viewer to find the symbolism in my work, whilst simultaneously forming their own narrative.